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Oh, Those Drunky Simpson Sisters! Ashlee Rips Pete A New One While Jess Sleeps It Off At Mom's 19.Aug.2009

Was this what set her off? See, the Romo doesn't know how lucky he really is. He had a lot of fun with Jess, but once he was done she just let him walk away. I get the feeling that the only way Pete will be leaving Ashlee is feet first - on a stretcher.

Poor, sweet Jessica's little sister Ashlee is a loud, nasty drunk. This can tend to be a problem when you work in the entertainment industry ... or your husband owns a chain of dive bars. Either way, Ashlee has far too many opportunities to get all liquored up. Only trouble is girlfriend can't hold it; she either ends up in an emergency room or in a screaming match.

Apparently Ashlee found a babysitter this weekend and went with her little hubby to the first anniversary celebration of his Chicago bar. Pete was having a great time when a soused Ashlee accosted him, calling him names and telling him it was time to go. Right. Now. Maybe he was getting too cozy with the dudes for her liking. Whatever the reason, she screamed and nagged at him until he tucked his ... tail between his legs and headed home, bitching all the way. They must have a sweet home life.