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Csi Broward: Florida Reopens Anna Nicole Smith Death Query. Somebody Better Keep An Eye On Howard K. Stern 27.Mar.2009

MurdererLet's not gild the lily here. Everyone knows Howard K. Douche, with the help of two greedy and unscrupulous doctors, used massive amounts of dope to keep Anna Nicole under control. Something happened though, down in the Bahamas after little Danielynn was born. Just days later Anna's beloved son Daniel OD'd right there in the room with her.

When Anna went back to Florida she was in terrible shape. Hopelessly addicted to multiple narcotics and riddled with untreated infections, she finally succumbed to a massive overdose on February 8, 2007.

Did Daniel and then Anna stumble onto something Howard didn't want anyone to know? He had her under such a spell that she even claimed Danielynn was his baby and he choreographed a hideously fake wedding ceremony on a boat in the Bahamas. Good thing it wasn't legally binding or Danielynn would be stuck in a foster home somewhere ... or worse.

Finally the authorities are starting to investigate the murky circumstances around Anna's death. Following the arrest of Howard K. and the docs in LA, Florida just announced they're reopening their investigation as well. Surely all those trained law enforcement professionals don't think it's merely coincidental that Howard was always around when these things happened. If they can prove he gave her all those drugs they might just have a case.