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Hot Midget Love: Hayden Panetierre Cheats On Harry Morton With Kevin Connolly 24.Sep.2009

Look, I need some varietyWell, she could've dumped Harry already. The mighty (moody) midget cheerleader does seem to be growing into quite the maneater.

According to Betty Confidential, Hayden and Kevin got cozy at an after-Emmys party last Sunday. They weren't spotted smooching, grinding or shagging, and no one saw them leave together, so it could be just a couple of little people sharing a booster seat and a junior meal. It could. But I wonder. Like I said, she's become a real player, and at 35, he's in her preferred age group.

If so, it would be news to poor Harry, who's been busy bragging about how Hayden will "do anything he wants.? That doesn't surprise me; not only is Harry a little hottie but he's quite well off. He's probably used to girls who like to get their freak on - he did used to go out with Lindsay Lohan.