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The Most Disturbing F*cking Thing Ever: Obviously It Involves Jason Whaler 23.Apr.2007

Yes, my instinct is to make jokes and say Lauren Conrad? s vagina drove Jason Whaler to do something like this, but this is just too disturbing to even make jokes about. Us Weekly is reporting (with pictures to prove it) that four-time arrestee, Jason Whaler recently engaged in a drunken game of Russian Roulette. A source reported the following to US: Whaler

"We were just wasted one night and we ended up back at Jay's house in North Hollywood. Everyone was just playing around and they decided to play Russian Roulette. There was one bullet in the gun and Jason and Jay both pointed the gun at their heads and pulled the trigger. ? Luckily, no one got hurt. The source adds: ? Jason's out of control. He's out of his f--king mind.?

There? s so many things wrong with this situation that I don? t know where to start. Hey, Mom and Dad, he? s been arrested four times, is going to prison and is chugging a bottle of Absolute in these pictures. Did we mention the gun? . Take away his credit card!!

Also, what the hell are a bunch of tanned rich kids doing with a gun? Seriously, who is selling these people a gun? If I owned a gun store and someone like Whaler walked in to buy one, I wouldn? t sell it to him. No matter how much money he offered. Why? Because I just don? t think it? s wise to sell a gun to someone when he has a very public drinking, drug and violence problem.

These pictures upset me as much as the Britney Spears crazy-eye umbrella pictures did and I just don? t think I have the time or energy to get emotionally involved with another train wreck. I hope, for his sake (and partly mine) that he cleans up his act and get? s help soon.