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Sick Of Taco Bell, Britney Heads To Petco For Some Finger Food. She's Also Banging A Waiter From Mirabelle. 21.Nov.2007

Y'all got any soy sauce? And, I must say, she is rockin' those extra chins. But, hey, she's trying. She thought feeder goldfish were for tempura.

And speaking of flipping around on the floor gasping for breath, Britney's got a new boy toy. His name is Michael Marchand, and he waits tables at Mirabelle, where the pair met, and where they dined together this week - you know, so he could use his employee discount. Britney was drawn to his somewhat beady eyes and mealy-mouthed grin (shades of Federline!) while Michael only had to drop his napkin to see what only 80 million other people have seen. I want a Ferrari, too Will Michael hang out long enough to cash in his story with the British tabloids? Probably. When asked by Life & Style about his budding romance with the chumpot of Beverly Hills, Michael smirked and dropped his gaze to the floor. "I can't talk about that right now." Britney should stick to boffing the help, er, cousins, er, whatever Alli and Sam are calling themselves these days.