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Adrian Grenier Has Been A Very Busy Guy. Lindsay Lohan, Random Hook-ups And A Bitch Named Honey Bee 10.Jan.2008

Don't make me bite youHoney Bee may just be a poor, unwanted dog at the Kent Animal Shelter, but even she knew enough to keep an eye on Adrian when he was crouched behind her like that.

Sadly, Honey Bee may not be alone. Ever since he was rumored to be shagging Paris Hilton this summer, Adrian has been on a slippery slope. Radar Online somehow has the dialogue from a woman's recent late night encounter with Adrian at a loft party, where he pitched, "So how about we go home and I f*** the s*** out of you? " Believe it or not, he struck out.

Clear over on the left coast, Perez Hilton swears Adrian is hitting Lindsay Lohan. Perezzle's source said the blossoming couple are keeping the whole thing private, but we're talking about a girl who can't keep her privates private. If he really said the things Radar said he did, he's perfect for her.