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Oh Gossip Girl! How I Will Miss You! 20.May.2008

Goodbye Georgina!I actually was a little sad when Kristin Bell uttered the final "XOXO Gossip Girl" at the end of the bittersweet Gossip Girl season finale. There were some things we all saw coming and some definite surprises. First, was I the only who was sad that Georgina had such an abrupt exit? Of course, the line about lasting longer than Lohan in rehab in Utah was pretty hilarious. However, G was one of my favorite characters. She had that great mix of confidence with absolute psychoness that makes TV soap opera villians so wonderful to watch (Sydney on Melrose Place, Emily Valentine.) I hope they bring her back next season or maybe give her a spin-off called "Georgie in Rehab." It would be sortuv a "Mary Tyler Moore" meets "Girl, Interrupted" thing. Michelle definitely brought more life into the show but it was good to see Blair return to her position as the prime bitch after she had drifted into almost being labeled compassionate. I wasn't sure what they were going to do with Serena and Dan but I thought it was pretty realistic because though Serena was trying to protect Dan her logic for lying was a bit crazy. But her maid of honor dress was fabulous! And if Blair and Chuck were together, that would just take too much comedy from the show. But did Nate and Vanessa stop their fling? Are Serena and Nate going to rekindle their drunken one-afternoon stand all summer in the Hamptons? Is Jenny going to start a clothing line and totally become Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" (Lord I hope the clothes are better.) Well it will be great to see them come back in the fall wearing new bitchy outfits. Also, did everyone pick up on the Lydia Hearst (real life Gossip Girl) cameo at the end? Blair and Chuck