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Controversial documentary YOU SLUT teaser trailer released 17.Feb.2016

You Slut is aptly titled as it's just as controversial of a film as the name implies. The teaser features footage of Hollywood actresses Tiffany Haddish and Tess Broussard.  As well as intimate interviews with award winning author Liz Crokin.

The trailer shows a very promising and point raising documentary even within the 2 minute teaser trailer several things leap out and the viewer to promote some further thought - firstly the man waving a You deserve rape sign, not cool dude regardless of your point.  My Clothes Are Not My Consent should be on t-shirts everywhere on Friday and Saturday nights out (and any other day !).  Kate Quigley talks about the impact of her selfies on her career.  Apparently there is also a heirarchy in the glamour scene, porn girls hate escorts, escorts hate cam girls, not sure what cam girls hate but as you can see a lot was learnt in 2 minutes.

Executive producer Jamie Noel (Jamie Noel Productions) & Director Rachel Ann Mullins began filming at Amber Rose's Slut Walk in Downtown LA during late 2015. "Like many others, I have experienced the degrading practice first hand and it hurts. Our documentary, You Slut, exposes this issue and hopefully will help bring it to an end," Jamie Noel told a reporter from Vh1 during an interview at Slut Walk.

"I'm doing my best as a first time director to seek out all different kinds of women sharing the commonality of shame and give them a louder voice than those trying to silence them," explained Rachel Ann Mullins is an international model turned actress and now Director.

You Slut is on schedule to premiere in early 2017.

You Slut Documentary Teaser from Rachel Mullins on Vimeo.