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Not-so-breaking News: Former Publicist Says Pamela Anderson Is Hopeless Addict. 25.Oct.2007

Think of the poor chickensThis guy's name wouldn't happen to be Sherlock, would it? Hmm. Didn't think so. Unless he's been marooned on a deserted island for the last few years, I don't know how he could've missed it before now.

Former publicist Jonathan Jaxson now has a blog, where he claims to have exclusive information from a "very close" source that sounds an awful lot like a British tabloid writer. According to this source, ? The 3-4 days a week cocaine binges are insane. There isn? t a day that goes by in the past 4-5 years of knowing her that I have seen Pam sober. She won? t even take care of her health properly and the drugs are only further causing her liver trouble." That doesn't sound like a rock star or second-string magician, does it?

Uh, this is news? Girlfriend's been a lovable trainwreck for years. Her taste in men only underscores her lack of emotional security. She's bounced from Tommy Lee (and forth a couple times) to Kid Rock (blecch!) to ... Scum. Maybe she just needs companionship, and he just happened to be handy. He's probably got good connections, too, should those accusations of addiction be more than just rumors.