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You Know Things Are Bad When "the Coreys" Tell You To Slow It Down 31.Jul.2007

... to this, not much of a difference actuallyFrom this...Everyone seems to have something to say in regards to America's favorite train wreck, Lindsay Lohan. Let's add Corey Haim and Corey Feldman to that list.

"The Coreys" have a little advice for Ms. Lohan saying, "All that should be on Lindsay's shoulders or anybody right at this moment is, 'I need to get myself healthy'." Sound advice from two child stars who are known for throwing their careers away. Haim even took it so far as to compare himself to Lindsay, "I see a version of me that is female and younger, and I just hope that she catches it now."

Take this advice Linds! You know things are bad when Corey Haim thinks he has something in common with you.