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The Beckhams Are Here! The Beckhams Are Here! Things Just Got A Lot Brighter This Side Of The Pond. 12.Jul.2007

Here's David wading ashore on Ellis Island, walking into the lair of middle-aged sex-starved customs agents of both sex:

Beefcake through & throughActually, this is from the cover of Spanish magazine Cuore. Even in a fuzzy, grainy shot like that, I'd have to say you're looking at one of the world's most f***able men, hands down. Even with the stupid Pepe LePew dye job.

Infatuations aside, the Beckham family arrived stateside today, just in time to coincide nicely with their spread in W. We're talking red hot pictures of these two. As freakishly plastic as Victoria is, they do seem to have some kind of chemistry together. Especially when he's got her mashed into the mattress face first. It's amazing, isn't it, how his ass is as perfectly moulded as her boobs? And good God, is that a ballpeen hammer or are you just happy to see me? That's a very tightly slung banana - one false move and bam!


I can't wait to see how this move pans out for these two. Will David's notoriously wandering eye get him in trouble in LaLaLand? Will Posh shops 'til she drops an implant? Will the Left Coast ever be the same? Not likely.