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Samantha Ronson Is So Many Things: Dj, Producer, Entrepreneur, Deadbeat And Skip 12.Dec.2007

Thank you, PerezzleHow is she ever going to pay her bills if she can't sell incriminating pictures of her inebriated friends anymore? I don't know how much this little sourpuss grazer makes spinning discs, but she better start booking some major parties.

Samantha Ronson is being sued for not paying her legal bills. According to The Smoking Gun, Sam-I-Am owes her attorneys almost $165,000 for her unsuccessful defamation suit against Perez Hilton and Celebrity Babylon. After Lindsay's last DUI in May, both Perez and CB printed stories that it was Sam's coke found in Lindsay's car. While CB caved and printed a retraction, Perez stuck to his neon-hued guns and won - the judge tossed the complaint and ordered Ronson to pay his legal fees, which he claims are about $93,000. In their suit, the New York firm says Ronson admitted she couldn't afford their fees, then avoided any and all communication, leaving them no alternative but to file suit. Looks like it might be time for a boyish little girl to get a real job. Know of any openings for an emotionally stunted layabout with a certain type of retail experience?