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How Common Indeed. Kanye Wants The Big Piece Of Chicken 30.Sep.2009

It takes a lot to embarrass a stripperKanye is really losing it, and whether it's rehab that he needs or just a really good beating, something has to be done.

We've all learned to ignore Kanye's CAPS LOCK rants. It's all ignorant bluster. But then there was the first hissy fit at the VMAs a couple of years ago, when he thought he should have won for Video of the Year because his video cost a million bucks to make. Get a grip, sister.

This year's VMAs were worse, when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Beyond tacky, Kanye tried to blame it on the Henny. Maybe so, but here's the thing with booze: it tends to act like a truth serum, removing any inhibitions the boozer may have. Kanye really believes he deserves all those awards, but he appears to be in the minority. And now he's totally flipped his lid. At Common's Charity Benefit last weekend, Kanye saw a bunch of people eating chicken and flipped out because no one gave him any. When they hastily brought the pissy bitch his chicken, he took just one bite ... and threw it away. What. A. Dick.