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What's It Gonna Be Drew? The Cute Nerd Whose An Actor Or The Cute Nerd Whose A Director? 12.Jul.2007

DrewDrew Barrymore is getting busy with kinduv look-alike guys. Last week Drew was apparently sucking face with Zach Braff while this week she was seen having some fun (and by fun I mean kissing) director Spike Jonze. Spike Jonze is actually an actor/director and is the ex-husband of Sophia Coppola. If you saw Lost in Translation, which you should have, Giovanni Ribisi's character was supposedly based on Jonze and Anna Farris's character was supposedly based on Drew Barrymore. This makes sense because both Jonze and Diaz were in the very weird film Being John Malkovich and Coppola and Jonze got divorced shortly after it's release. Cami probably introduced Drew and Spike while she wasn't busy screwing married magicians. Well good luck Drew. This is a tough one.