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Did Silda Know Eliot Was Banging Call Girls? He Says She Did And Just Didn't Care 14.Apr.2008

Take my husband. PLEASE!: Anywhere as long as it's far, far awayGAWD, he's such an arrogant, smarmy little prick. He gets kicked out of office, and at least so far he's been able to elude prosecution for whoremongering across state lines. His long-suffering wife, Silda, a top corporate attorney in her own right who gave up her career to raise three girls, has graciously decided to stay with him (or not throw him out) until everything quiets down. You'd think he'd be smart enough to stay on the down-low and show a little remorse now and then. Don't hold your breath.

A "reliable source" recently told the Page Six that Silda knew all along what Eliot was doing and didn't care. Spitzer has reportedly said something like, "My f***ing wife doesn't care, so why does anybody else care? " Hey, Eliot! Maybe your wife couldn't stand the idea of your scrawny, shiny-headed little body all pressed up on hers any more and would have paid the girl herself just to be rid of you! Loser.