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Bongs, Beauty Queens And Sex Tapes: Is Michael Phelps The Mystery Boyfriend? 27.Nov.2009

Michael honey, is that you? We recently ran a story about the Phelpster being a tax dodge. We've since learned that he's not the Michael Phelps that owes the State of California tax money. At least he's in the clear on that. But Mikey's been a busy boy.

So much for athletes in training abstaining from sex. The new Miss California, Nicole Johnson, waited just days to release her confession of a secret love affair with Michael Phelps in 2007 and 2008. She says she agreed to keep it secret because it was the only thing he could keep secret in his high-profile life. No word on why she suddenly decided to spill the beans now other than a need to hang onto the spotlight for a few seconds more. There's also no word on whether she will also end up reimbursing the pageant people for her boobies, like her predecessor.

And speaking of the former Miss Cali, Carrie Prejean also dated Michael Phelps. I guess this was before she became a Bible-thumping gay marriage-basher. Stripped of her crown and publicly reviled, Carrie has recently had to endure the humiliation of a sex tape scandal with the release of videos of her gratifying herself. Carrie claimed she made these clips with a cell phone for an ex-boyfriend - is Phelps the boyfriend? If so, why did he sell them? Is he that broke, or does he hate her that much?