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Keira Is Tired Of Pirates 24.May.2007

Pirates!If there is a fourth Pirates movie Keira Knightly has said she will not do it. If you recall when she first started doing these films she was not very famous yet. Her only other big role had been ? Bend it like Beckham.? Little did she know that the next five years of her life would be spent having sword fights and kissing both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp ( I just realized I hate her). How she managed to fit in the wonderful Pride and Predjudice ( for which she got an Oscar nomination) astounds me. Okay so she has had to dodge some nasty eating disorder rumors but I think brings that on oneself when they don? t eat and then wear a bikini that emphasizes the results of not eating. She has a lovely British boyfriend and a slew of films in the works including one with Sienna Miller that Keira? s mom wrote so that should be mediocre.