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So How Do I Taste? Kept Man Eddie Cibrian Cheating On Sugar Mama Leann With Bitter Ex 04.Aug.2010

This wouldn't surprise me a bit. Eddie is a compulsive cheater; he's probably sleeping with his ex-wife, a few of her friends and the school crossing guard on alternate Thursdays. And that doesn't count the random hookups or quickies with co-workers. (If he did it once you can bet he'll do it again.) Now that his wandering dick has reportedly cost him his job, Eddie's had no choice but to move in with LeAnn and mooch off her full time. Being bought and paid for is already wearing thin, though, and Eddie may be starting to act out by stepping out on his much more successful lover. And who better to get LeAnn back with than Brandi, his bitter, bitter ex?

Yeah, she's bitter. You might be, too, if your husband publicly shat all over you the way hers did. And now she's got to see all those tabloid photos of the happy couple off golfing, sailing, and enjoying expensive dinners while she waits on the $23,000 (and counting) he owes her in back support. According to Star Magazine, "Brandi herself admitted to the hookups with Eddie." I'm sure she did. Hell, she probably called them - do you think she got more than $23,000?

I'm wonderin', though. From what I've heard and read of Brandi's interviews, she hates her ex for what he's done to her. I can't imagine her sleeping with him now, even as a grudge f**k. I could, however, see her "admitting" to the ex sex simply so she could gut LeAnn, let her see how it feels to be the one home waiting while her old man is out whoring around. And she doesn't even have the ring on her finger. Tsk, tsk.