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It's A Good Thing Megan Fox Is Such A Knockout. It Must Hurt Her When She Thinks 08.May.2009

Ugh, my head is gonna like split ...Yes, she's quite the intellect, Megan Fox. She said she "didn't want to take down Cate Blanchett." (huh? ) She says she doesn't want to have to learn a bunch of big college words like Scarlett Johansson. She says she's not interested in pretty boys like Zac Efron, but she's shacking with Brian Austin Green, who is nothing but a pretty boy that got old.

Now that Megan is getting more press I guess she feels like she's got to have something significant to say. There's really no need for all that; they'll line up in droves to see her parade around in something teeny weeny. Only problem is that Megan wants to be known for more than her luscious ta-tas and tiny waist. She wants to be a serious actress.

Does Megan have the chops to headline a major release that doesn't involve her running around in a latex catsuit - or less? I dunno, but I'll give her credit for planning ahead - nobody's 23 forever.