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The Hayden Panetierre Pictures Nbc Didn't Want You To See. Littlest Hero Was A Paris Hilton Protege. 06.Dec.2007

Back in her desperate unknown daysYes, I know she's 18 now, but this picture was taken in 2005, which would make her all of about 15 in this shot. Hard to believe it's the same girl who cried over the dolphins recently, isn't it?

Apparently Hayden is having trouble reconciling her past behavior with her current image. Miss Panty-Ears told Teen magazine that she takes being a positive role model seriously, and swears she won't pole dance on light posts with Paris Hilton anymore. Actually she won't own up to that, but she did say she wants to prove wrong all those folks just waiting for her to get popped for DUI or possession.

As for the comparisons to Lohan for libidinous pursuits, remember this kid grew up in Hollywood. You're not going to catch her doing anything she doesn't want you to catch ... and vice versa. She won't hit the rehab route until her star power fades. And she'll never be taller than the parking meters.