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Cinnabun, Come Home! Jesse James And The Saga Of The Wandering Pooch 28.Jan.2010

I'm sorry, Daddy That dog must be crazy. I would never run away if I got to curl up at Jesse's feet. Sandra is one lucky girl - her hubby is hot, hot, hot!

He's also sad, sad, sad, because his sweet puppy, Cinnabun, went missing earlier this week. Cinnabun is a 9-month old bull terrier-looking dog who disappeared from Jesse's place in Long Beach. After public pleas for help didn't pan out, he called in the pros:, the folks who helped Jessica Simpson try to find Daisy last year when she was snatched by (John Mayer dressed as) a coyote.

Unfortunately Daisy was never found, but maybe they'll have better luck with Cinnabun. According to TMZ there have been a couple of sightings, so maybe they'll get their baby back. As the owner of a pup myself, I can sympathize. I would be out of my mind if my Bowser went missing. Since Cinnabun looks bigger than a coyote I hope she's just out knocking over garbage cans and shredding kittens.