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When Faking It Isn't Enough: No Love Lost Between Ryan Seacrest And Kelly Clarkson 28.Aug.2007

They're both screaming insideMaybe it's because Kelly was so outspoken in her belief that she would be famous today without winning American Idol, a remark that drove both Ryan and Simon stark raving bonkers. No word from Paula - we're afraid to wake her.

Maybe it's because Ryan isn't comfortable getting up close and personal with a woman that actually eats. Maybe it's the fact that she's a girl that troubles him so. Maybe Kelly doesn't like small men touching her like that, and always looks like she's about to throw up. People, the possibilities are endless as to why, but we can safely assume this: These two cannot stand each other.

Ryan Seacrest is an enterprising little gnat of a dude, with steady gigs on TV and in radio. He's always struck me as smarmy and gratuitous, the type to do or say whatever it takes to get the job. When rumors surfaced some time ago about Ryan's sexual preferences, he went out of the way to engineer a phony kiss for the paps with Teri Hatcher to assert his heterosexuality. No one fell for it except Teri, but at least he tried. So why not at least make an effort for Kelly's sake? She's had a rough year; even if her troubles are mostly of her own making, would it have killed him to show a little kindness?