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The Nanny, The Hippy And The Big Black ... Life Saver? This Is No Flashback 07.Oct.2008

One of the weeklies has a running feature on celebrities and how they're just like us - they're grocery-shopping, walking their dog (but not cleaning up after it), getting parking tickets - but maybe that's all just smoke and mirrors. Just look at the people they hire to work for them. Would you hire a live-in nanny to care for your preschool children who walked around all day talking about nothing but big, black penis?

Rob and Sheryl Lowe would - and did. When their chocolate-loving childcare provider started giving them trouble, they sued her. The nanny, probably thinking she could hit 'em hard and score a fat paycheck, hired Gloria Allred and countersued. The Lowes, however, aren't paying out without a fight - they've brought in the big guns.

Enter David Crosby, 60s music and substance abuse icon. In a declaration, he claimed that he went to Hawaii with the Lowe family and heard the nanny go on and on about how she only dated black men because of their larger apparatus. (He didn't word it quite so nicely.) Another family friend said the nanny bragged that her boyfriend had the second largest black c**k in the NBA, and that she needed to wear a "lifesaver" (don't ask - too gross) to protect her lady-ness from being torn apart. Does this sound like they're just like me and you? Nuh. No way.