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It's My Pinata-tive: Bobby Brown Gets His Drink On At Espy After-party: Enjoys Very Masculine Escort 12.Jul.2007

Bobby Brown was doing OK for a while there, or at least had the common sense to keep a low profile. That all changed the other night at the ESPYs, as Bobby was witnessed employing the Two-Fisted Drinker: shot in one hand, beer in the other, until no one could stand the sight of him.

Look, I told you my name is not Whitney.

Even his strong but not too burly escort seems to be repelled by his very presence. When is this joker going to stay in obscurity where he belongs? It's not like he had a string of # 1 albums - he had a couple of hits and then he married well and thought he could just coast. And he did for like 14 years, keeping her happily stoked and making a few bucks whoring out the whole family on a pathetic reality show.

Luckily for Whitney, when the people who care about her found out how she was living they came to her rescue, helping her get cleaned up and convincing her to file for divorce - for good this time. These events, of course, have created a bit of difficulty for ol' Bobby, and he's having some cash flow issues. It's not like he's got any job skills. He can't even remember the words to his songs, all two of them.