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Valerie Bertinelli Says Christina Aguilera Is A Bitch, Won't Listen To Her Music 15.Jun.2010

Let's see what you look like @ 50, Xtina!Can you believe the nerve? Valerie Bertinelli is practically Hollywood royalty - she lived through One Day At A Time and the trials and tribulations of her co-star, Mackenzie Phillips. She lived through the heyday of the original Van Halen, with all the drunken debauchery and ridiculous rock star excess. She even lived through Jenny Craig and its freeze-dried pseudo-food without getting rickets or some other vitamin deficiency. Christina Aguilera may be a big recording star, and she may have one of the best voices in the business, but she hasn't been around long enough to dis someone with ten times the credentials she has.

Valerie was on the Jonjay & Rich Show recently and told them about the first time she met Christina, backstage at a Van Halen concert. Valerie and a friend walked up and introduced themselves, but instead of being gracious, or at the very least polite, the dirrty girl was a nasty bitch, snipping, "Yeah, OK, bye." Like I said, can you f**king believe it?

Hey, but this is Hollywood; nowhere do the tables turn faster. Valerie has been enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity, while Christina's latest album is going nowhere fast. Even her nemesis, Crazy Britney's latest album and tour were monsters - who's the pop princess now? Oh, I feel so sorry for her husband, Jordan. He's probably the only one she can push around these days, and he looks absolutely miserable.