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Pamela Anderson Is Pregnant! But Still Kicking Scum To The Curb. 09.Jan.2008

What started the brawlCongratulations, Rick Salomon. You've done what Kid Rock couldn't - well, besides sleep with Paris Hilton and beat up a redneck in a waffle house without five friends - you've blessed the lovely Pamela with a child. And now that you've served your purpose, she's blessed you with your walking papers. Well, at least she's got a reason to sober up now.

Rick has been telling anyone who will listen that Pam is "acting crazy" because of those pregnancy hormones, but things haven't been right between them since their big blow-out about he who is too slimy to be called scum, Criss Angel, and who should be the star of their proposed reality show.

This all explains why Pammie looked so queasy and sad on New Year's Eve, and why she wasn't shitfaced for a change. For the next eight months or so, the only bumps she'll be seeing will be the ones swelling under her chin. I wonder what Tommy Lee thinks of all this.