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Jude Law Downgrades His Wanker With Kimberly Stewart. Wanker Swears To Hibernate As Long As Necessary 20.May.2008

Hot off the Sun's pressesAw, man. That's rough. Kimbo is just like Rambo but blonder. PrettyBoring readers should be familiar with her soul-sucking ways: We've watched her cut a wide swath in Hollywood and London - her list of conquests reads like a Most Wanted poster - Cisco Adler, Calum Best, Tommy Lee ... and now Jude Law. "Huh? !? " you say? "Right-o," I say. He hasn't been right since that whole Sienna and the nanny debacle.

Right or not, pictures of Jude and Kimbo snogging the s**t out of each other made the front pages of the tabloids and were plastered all over the web. Maybe she reminds him of Sienna; maybe he reminds her to bring protection for a little late night action after the pub crawl. Seriously, Kim looks better than she has in a long time. It's a good possibility Daddy shipped her off to rehab somewhere discreetly; after Tommy Lee she was a shell of her former self. They certainly seem to be good for each other. She's big enough to keep Jude in line (and in his pants) with one hand, and he can be a good influence on Kim and her sobriety. And if she's lucky, he won't have Brahma balls like you-know-who.