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Angelina And Zahara Will Rule The Universe. It's All In The Bag(s). 12.Sep.2007

We're much smarter than the rest of them

C'mon. Is this not the cutest mother-daughter picture you've ever seen? These two obviously have a great bond. Say what you will about Angelina, but she is everything in a mother that Britney is not and will probably never be. Look at those smiles!

There was a report on the web today (I think it originated with one of the NY dailies) about Angelina meeting a tall, muscular man in a bar somewhere to talk about her finances. She allegedly was overheard telling this mystery man how grateful she was to be able to talk to him about these matters because Brad is clueless with his money, and sometimes has to be reminded to just shut up and look good. Angelina is a strong woman, but I don't think she's that cruel. They really seem to love each other, and seem to play well together, sharing parenting and logistic decisions easily.

I think this story was planted by a certain jealous someone with too much time on their hands, someone who still doesn't feel any closure and is thus doomed to ping around a big, empty house all by themselves blaming others for their problems.

Knock it off, Billy Bob.