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Audrina? Really? Does She Have Enough Thoughts For Her Own Show? Well At Least We Know She Is Willing To Take Her Top Off. 20.Sep.2008

AudrinaThe new word on the street is that Audrina Patridge is getting her own spin-off since she is moving out of the guest house that is in the backyard of Lo and Lauren.

She is probably moving because her name isn't Lauren. Now, I am not sure if this spin-off will be in addition to Whitney's New York City spin-off and Heidi and Spencer's potential spin-off.

I actually think MTV would end The Hills and then have three spin-offs because as I have said before that show is carrying MTV and I think they would be very happy to morph into The Hills network. The Hills is not just a show it is a way of life.

Now, we know Audrina must be slightly interesting because her friends have piercings and apparently she is actually naturally blond and dyes her hair brown, so she is slightly atypical. However, she often is the quietest and is reluctant to share her feelings.

Plus she keeps dating that goddamn Justin Bobby, who ironically is a hair dresser!The Hills