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Age Projection: Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian In 30 Years 27.Jul.2007

Then again, if those two keep partying the way they do, they could look like this in only five years.

It's your turn to set the Life Alert

Seriously, what the frock happened to Linda Evans' face? She was stunningly beautiful when she was young. Even when she was on Dynasty she was still one of the most beautiful women on TV. Her on-air nemesis, Joan Collins, hasn't changed in like 50 years, which only means she has a better surgeon than Linda does.

Neither woman is known for her acting chops, so I guess the news that they really do hate each other shouldn't be a shock. On their recent tour of James Kirwood's comedy "Legends", things got a little physical between the two - and that's OK, because that's what's the plot line called for. However, depending on whom you believe, either Linda got carried away in the fight scenes, or Joan is a whiny crybaby bitch.

Linda supposedly kicked Joan's finger so hard she can't wear a ring on that finger anymore, and pushed her off the stage, causing a sprained knee. I was a big Dynasty fan as a kid, and Linda (Krystal) did like to give Joan (Alexis) a good thrashing and oh, what great entertainment it was! They don't make shows like that anymore.

Whether Linda really did go overboard in not clear, but I guess it's possible. I just wish she'd change her hair style - she's been wearing it the same way for about 25 years and it's really creeping me out.