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Watch Out, Britney: Adnan's Wife Wants Marc David Kaplan To Represent Her In Divorce 31.Jan.2008

He left THIS for THAT? !? And we all know how much Britney loooves Kaplan. He's made her life a living hell, taken her children and cost her a fortune in legal fees - K-Fed claims he can't afford to pay his lawyer on the paltry $35,000 a month he receives so she's paying for that, too. Now it looks like Kaplan won't be going away anytime soon.

According to Mike Walker at the Enquirer, Adnan's soon-to-be-ex, Azlynn (the knockout pictured at right) is looking to hire Kaplan to represent her in what she promises to be a severely protracted battle. After getting a sudden phone call from Adnan requesting a quickie divorce because Britney "wants him to be free" a furious Azlynn is determined to stall proceedings indefinitely.

You can't blame her. Adnan told her repeatedly that his involvement with Britney was purely professional; some outlets even reported that she was in on the "scam", a claim she has always denied. And let's not forget that Shar Jackson was pregnant when Kevin ditched her for Britney. Brit's obviously got a thing for other women's men. She's also said to be anxious to marry Adnan and start a new life away from the media. Unless she gets some help, I won't believe that for a second.