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Shanna Moakler Hasn't Forgiven Kardashian Heifer For Porking Her Husband, Has Her Bounced From Party 24.Jul.2008

Have you seen the size of that thing? !? Shanna can be kind of wild and wacky, but she's not a woman to mess with. Paris Hilton learned that when she got thumped by Shanna after pictures of her with Travis appeared online. But Paris wasn't Travis' only cheap lay; Wonky's sidekick, Kim Kardashian, also had a thing for him, and Shanna still has the emails to prove it.

Shanna and Kim bumped into each other recently at Carmen Electra's BBQ. In an interview with The Dirty, Shanna tells how she "saw what I thought was a donkey posing on the stairs but much to my surprise, it was Kim Kardashian. No, wait, it was a donkey! She? s soooo f*cking fat! She? s 5? 2? and she? s like 140. She was wearing a sarong to cover her huge big ass! I like a nice ass but hers is not a nice ass!"

Wow. Not necessarily breaking news, but such refreshing honesty! Shanna's first instinct was just to leave, but she stayed long enough to call the dirty sow a whore (am I being redundant? ) repeatedly and throw her drink in her face. If that wasn't enough, Kim and her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, were then asked to leave the party. Ha!

To read the entire interview, click here. It's not that long, but well worth it. I'd love to see them in a steel cage match.