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Is Lindsay Lohan All Washed Up? Even Sam Might Be Getting Sick Of Her 25.Oct.2008

I'm the real star hereEspecially if she keeps chasing that little boy with the eyebrows. You know Sam won't put up with her coming home smelling like penis.

She won't come home smelling like Betty anymore, either. And even though the show's producers were gracious enough to let her go gently, they did let her go. Just as Lainey said they would. And now she's in professional free-fall. No projects in the pipeline. No more TV roles. The Ugly Betty gig was supposed to be her springboard back to the A-list. Instead it was her dealbreaker. Nobody wants to work with her now. She's just too much trouble.

For now at least she's got Sam, who's only too happy to put her on display in the booth while she spins. That at least helps bring more people in the door, but not because they actually like Lindsay; everyone's piling in to watch the sideshow - they want to get a glimpse of the former star in a private moment, maybe catch her doing something she shouldn't be doing. It's a very lucrative deal; just ask Sam. She made a bundle tipping the paps back in Lindsay's DUI days. Now she's stuck with her.