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Dmx Busted Hiding Out In Scott Storch's Foreclosed Mansion 11.Dec.2008

He gave me 10 bucks!I'm sure Scott is super happy that DMX dropped by like that. Scott also has/had a warrant for child support hanging over his head. The two of them were holed up at Storch's Palm Island mansion, which went into foreclosure in July but he apparently hadn't quite moved out of yet. Maybe that's just his way of saying, "It's only foreclosed when I say it's foreclosed." Once said to be worth $20 million, now he's got nothing but a friend who brings trouble right to his doorstep.

DMX had a warrant out for failure to appear in a Phoenix court Friday. The Sheriff's Department actually offered a $5,000 reward for his whereabouts, and a Georgia woman phoned it in, earning herself a healthy holiday bonus.

According to the Associated Press, DMX will be taken back to Phoenix, where bond is set at $120,000. He'll probably post that within an hour and take another trip out of town. He knows he'll only have to pay the airfare one way; he'll just get arrested and be extradited back home again.Frequent flyer