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Prettyboring Exclusive: Nick Cannon Caught In Passionate Clinch With Sponge In Square Pants 24.Apr.2009

You're not gonna do THAT again!They thought no one would spot them at the top of the Empire State Building. Like no one ever goes up there. At least not many with cameras.

OK, Mr. Mimi and my buddy SpongeBob (loves it!) were not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. No, no. SpongeBob was actually just talking shop. Nick is an honorary chairman and development consultant for TEENick on Nickelodeon. He'll be working on projects on air, behind the scenes and online. Now he has a legitimate reason to get out of the house when Mimi's sleeping. Nobody wants to be in the house when she's sleeping. Make a noise and wake her up and ... some are never seen again.

While working on his Nick projects, Nick will be working on a few other things. At the top of his "honeydew" list is making babies. Mama might not be quite ready yet to give up her lifestyle. Too bad Nick couldn't carry the baby. He carries everything else.