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Whitney Port's Rough And Tumble Nipple Slip: No Respectable City Girl Would Make A Living Like This 14.Jan.2009

Did you say triple flip? See that metallic object hanging from her bikini string? That's one of those microphone thingies - I don't know the technical name. Was Whitney's "accidental" exposure of her breast performed on director cue? I bet the girls at Diane von Furstenberg are just dying over this.

This is no hard-working city girl. This is a ditz from California. This is not the first time one of her titties slipped the noose. She's on a reality show; therefore she is an attention whore.

Whitney can go on her web page and whine all she wants about how embarrassed and ashamed she is; just throw that bitch a crying towel and move along, people. There's really nothing here to see.

PS Don't her bottoms look like she just laid a goose egg? I'm just sayin' ...