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Courtney Love Has Coast To Coast Feminine Hygiene Issues. No Hotel Room Is Safe 04.Jul.2009

Defying logic, every minute of every dayWatch out, world. Courtney Love is cranking up the crazy, and nowhere is safe. Despite her repeated denials, she's obviously back on drugs. She's dropped like 80 lbs., allegedly as a result of a gastric band surgery. She's developed a serious conspiracy complex about people stealing her money. Nobody stole it - she smoked it up, just like she always has.

She's also forgotten how to act like a human being. Last month she was staying at the notorious Chateau Marmont, where she trashed a room and ditched the bill. Apparently she wanted to dye some fabric for her new fashion line and splashed pink dye all over the kitchen walls and floors.

Not to be undone (not even by herself), Courtney then flew to New York - with her daughter Frances Bean - and booked a room at the Inn On Irving Place, where in only eight hours she caused about $5,000 in damages. She also left used feminine products and dirty needles all over the place. It's bad enough she's living like this again, but it's really unforgivable that she's exposing her teenage daughter to all this shit. I think it's time for Frances to go back to live at Grandma's house.