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Runs In The Family? Carrie Prejean's Brother Says He'd Watch Her Masturbate 20.Nov.2009

Well, you're no helpAnd I said nobody would watch it. Huh. Well that little PR ploy certainly backfired. Instead of making his sister out to be a regular girl next door, her skank dipshit brother just threw her under the bus, dirty hands and all.

In an interview with Radar, Billy tried to come to his sister's defense, saying the 8-video diddle-athon was all done on a cell phone and supposed to be like "totally confidential". Like she was only like 19, he said. Oops! He meant 17. Or at least that's what they told him to say, but he like forgot.

So, yeah, he looks and sounds about as sharp as a bag of cotton balls. He also sounds like a sexual deviant. When asked if he'd watch his sister's sex tapes, he said, "If they were put in front of me I? d probably watch it.? See? It runs in the family. And he obviously hasn't had it since it had him. Gee, their parents must be so proud.