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Sad Little Pony Boy: Kate Hudson Turns A-rod Out To Pasture. Will She Go Back To Butterscotch? 14.Dec.2009

That's her usual MO. Chew 'em up, spit 'em out, and have a little So what if your boobs are bigger? Owen Wilson while waiting for the next big romance to pop up. She's got the attention span of a gnat when it comes to the dick in her life. It must be rough on little Ryder. Just when he makes friends ... BAM! They're gone again.

Sources are saying that Kate and A-Rod have called it quits after they were spotted out in separate places looking happier than they have since the World Series. It's odd, though. I would have thought he'd stick around for Oscar season, you know, tit for tat on the high profile support. He's been rumored to be out and looking for a couple of weeks, though. I wonder what happened.

Did Alex get bored with Kate? She may not have the luscious curves of some of his other conquests, but she's still got a slamming bod. No, I'd say the opposite is true, that Kate got bored with Alex. She probably found all the centaur paintings and women's underwear (he so looks the type; admit it!) and put him out. I hope she leaves Owen alone, though. He probably can't take another round of the Manslinger. (Thanks, Lainey.)