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The Goose Follows The Gander: Charlie Sheen Finally Checks Into Rehab 23.Feb.2010

Ready for the short busWell, it's about f**king time. I mean, come on. They drank together. They cracked up together. Isn't it only fair that they get treatment together? If one is using and the other isn't, chances are pretty good the one will corrupt the other and then they'd both be in the soup again.

On the heels of the visit by Child Protective Services to their family home earlier this week comes the news that Charlie, like Brooke, has finally entered treatment for his recurring substance abuse problem. Until today Sheen had been dragging his heels, saying he was fine and didn't need rehab but something caused an abrupt change of heart. His rep said the move was "preventive": Does that mean it was to prevent a further investigation and possibly more charges?

This brings us back to the matter of culpability: Charlie and Brooke had been living apart for a few months. They both have drug histories. Did he come to Aspen with a little extra snow for the holidays? Or did Brooke have her own stash and help him jump off the wagon? I mean, he supposedly had a sober minder with him that night. Lotta good that did. Still, they both obviously need to clean up their acts, and at least they're trying. For now. With all the full-time nannies they supposedly have the kids probably won't even realize they're gone.