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Somebody Do Something! Jessica's One True Friend Daisy Snatched By Coyote, Missing 15.Sep.2009

Jess and DaisyWow. Jess must have done something to piss off somebody upstairs. To say she's had bad luck the last couple of years is a gross understatement.

Jessica Simpson's one true friend, her Malti-poo Daisy, was abducted by a probably hungry coyote, "right in front of our eyes". Our? Our? !? Don't tell me that douchetard Mayer was there. Please. If he was you know he probably had something to do with it. He knows how much Daisy hates him.

Although the odds are slim, I hope that Jessica is reunited with her beloved Daisy, who was a gift from her ex-husband Nick. Unlike the rest of that jerk-ass family, Daisy was always looking out for her Mommy. Jess must be heartbroken.