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Fergie's Parents: I Think She Gets Her Looks From Her Dad. Mom's Got A Nice Rack, Though. 30.Jul.2007

I don't know for sure if this really is Fergie's parents, but someone else said so, so I'm going with it. If I'm wrong, well, hey, I'm wrong. But they sure are swell.

Maw and Paw

Fergie's been a busy girl, touring non-stop, with no sign of Josh Duhamel lately. She's a big star - maybe she likes groupie sex. Girls can like anonymous sex with desperate fans, too, ya know.

Will Fergie reunite with the Black Eyed Peas? While she is talented in her own right, it was as a team that they hit the big time. And it's where she's done her best work. I hope she doesn't get too big to remember where she came from. I hate it when that happens.