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Holy Space Balls! Mischa Barton, What Are You On? 28.Jun.2009

Uh, like what day is it? And I know I've said this a million f**king times, but why won't you go away?

Seriously, what is this chick on? She's all bloated up, her eyes are all pupil, her teeth look like they're rotting out (isn't that what they call meth mouth? ), and she just all around looks like smashed ass. Is no one looking out for this girl? No, of course not. If she was a moneymaker like Britney maybe her parents would step up and do something for her. Maybe they still have their hands full with her little sister. Last we heard from Hania she showed up to a runway show lit up like a Christmas tree.

But nobody gives a rat's ass about mushy Mischa Barton (present company most definitely included). Somebody should keep an eye on her, though. She looks like she's going down faster than the Lusitania.