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Someone Got Greased: Roman Polanski Out On Bail, Sporting Chic New Ankle Bracelet 25.Nov.2009

Dirty child molesterI don't know why this man continues to get sympathy and support from the Hollywood community. He plied a 13-year-old girl with champagne and half a Quaalude and then raped and sodomized her. He knew how old she was. He set up the photo shoot with her mother's consent after assuring her that her daughter would be safe in his charge. He skipped the country when he realized his fame wouldn't save him from jail time, and has lived a life of luxury in Europe for more than 30 years.

When they finally locked him up in Zurich I thought it would be case closed: he'd be extradited back to California and brought before a judge for sentencing, just like any other fugitive felon. But Roman is not going quietly. Actually, he's not going anywhere at all. He somehow persuaded the judge in his case that a bank guarantee and an ankle bracelet were enough to keep him from skipping out and heading back to France, where he lived with his wife and kids. Amazingly, he will be allowed to stay in his million-dollar Gstaad chalet while the appeals run out.

Even in laid-back, seemingly neutral Switzerland this is quite the coup. And while Polanski will be under "constant electronic surveillance" with his sporty new ankle bracelet, I find it hard to believe that he's going to willingly go back to the US. I think he'll ditch the ankle bracelet and charter a copter back over the Alps the first chance he gets. He's got more money and more houses - it's his freedom that really matters.