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Denial Runs Deep: Charlie Sheen Admits To Getting Overblown But Isn't Changing A Thing 27.Oct.2010

Scandals just bounce offYeah, leave all that rehab shit to the losers. Who needs rehab when you're the highest paid actor on television? Charlie can do whatever the f**k he wants, and he's got everybody at his beck-and-call to keep it that way. You don't think he's had hookers and/or goodies delivered on set? You don't know Charlie. Born entitled, Charlie Sheen has partied like a rock star and smacked his bitches up for years. Regardless of the circumstance, he held a knife to his wife's throat at Christmastime, with his children and an alleged sober coach just down the hall. That's one cold-hearted bitch. And all he got was probation and half-assed, part-time rehab.

I guess it didn't work. Cops in New York confirmed that he did in fact test positive for cocaine, but since they found no drugs in his room (flush!) and he agreed to pay for the damages he caused, no charges were pressed. And if there are no criminal charges, he's probably technically not in violation of his Colorado probation. Heidi Fleiss was right; he is bullet-proof.

Charlie knows it, too. He gave a statement via text message to a contact at Radar. ? Oh my man, I? m fine ...The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario.? Then he leaned over and blew a huge rail off the armrest. Maybe. Probably. Wanna know what really happened? Denise knows, Charlie knows, and the naked hooker knows, but nobody's telling ... yet. My money's on the hooker, who is already denying she's a working girl but is allegedly a bisexual porn star. Sounds like Charlie's kinda girl for sure. She'll be able to retire now.