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Justin And Jessica: You Never Saw Two People So Wild About Each Other. 22.Jun.2007

God, it's like they can't keep their hands off each other. It's a wonder they just don't rip each other's clothes off and have a go at it with all those people around.

I think she had more fun with his mother. So did he.

I don't know about these two. One minute Justin's giving an interview where he pretty much downplays any significance Jessica might have in his life; next thing you know, she's in Europe with him ... and so is his mommy, who even seems to like Jessica.

Now the tabloids are saying that things are getting serious between them. Could wedding bells be in their future? I'm not so sure. Justin doesn't seem ready to settle down - he still brags about his sexual allure like he can't believe it himself ("I didn't even have to wait for my voice to change!") and seems to enjoy the media spotlight these days, unlike his days with Cameron Diaz, when they would attack the paparazzi whenever approached. ("Stop! Don't! The flashbulbs will just make her angry!")

Is Jessica pushing for a commitment? At 25 (gee, thought she was closer to 35) she's a bit young for that whole marriage-children-house-in-the-burbs thing, but who knows? Maybe she is serious about her little JT, and maybe she realizes it's great publicity, and cheaper than an agency.