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Deryk Begs Avril For A Baby But She Can't Stop The Partying 15.Sep.2009

I'm bottle-feeding my inner childAvril Lavigne was never a beauty queen, but holy ferretface, she looks like ass. Pale, pasty, and conspicuously red-nosed. That nose didn't get red all on its own, and Christmas had nothing to do with it.

The Enquirer says that Avril and her husband under the stairs, Deryk Whibley, are fighting over babies. More specifically, he really wants one, while she has better things to do with her time, like drinking like a pig and partying like a rock star. (She's not. At least, not anymore.) Is he really a fool in love, or is it just a misguided attempt to get her to clean up her act?

Just because they're breeders doesn't mean they should breed. Their lifestyles are much too unstable - hell, they don't even live together anymore - and frankly, they're too ugly to make babies.

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