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Much Drama At F1 Rocks Singapore As Beyonce's Peeps Oust Blohan And The Little Hagster 29.Sep.2009

But I want the nice roomPerhaps they were simply outnumbered. After all, it was just itchy twitchy can't-get-no-drugs-in-friggin'-Singapore Lindsay Lohan and her high school dropout partner in crime, baby sister Ali.

Britain's Mirror claims that "tussled for the biggest dressing room at F1 Rocks", but there was really no altercation between the superstar and the hasbeen; it was more like a Mongolian invasion. Beyonce's entourage, reportedly some 70 strong, simply ran the little Blohans right out of the luxe room and into a nice, comfy broom closet (maybe). They were told to scram, most likely by some really big dudes who weren't impressed with their artificially enhanced anatomy.

As Lindsay's used to being the one who plays the diva card, this must have been hard to swallow. I mean, she got the gig because a Pussycat Doll backed out; the girl who used to get millions per movie is now nothing but a fill-in. I hope she has the sense to keep her nose clean over there. It ain't LA, and Blair Berk can't save her ass this time.