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The Lohan Chronicles: I'll Show You What Ugly's All About 22.Sep.2008

Just call me Tina? The rumors are starting again. You know, the ones where they state the obvious: that girl's about as clean as a truck stop urinal. That little boy she hangs with hasn't changed all that much, either; she's just gone much deeper underground as she sells her ginger snap down the river. You might say she's got her tightly strung. Out, that is.

Michael Lohan is an asshole, but there is a grain of truth in what he says. Samantha is not so good for Lindsay. She's good at keeping her raging party beast in check, and keeping it off-camera, but that can't, and won't, last forever. There is no such thing as controlling an addiction ... or an addict.

You've seen the pictures. Lindsay is stick thin, but unlike the old days, her pupils are little pinpricks. She's constantly moving. She parties every night. And of course, it has begun to affect her career. Rumor has it that Lindsay has worn out her welcome on the set of Ugly Betty - but not because she's prettier than her co-stars. Because she's using, openly, yet again. Her co-stars didn't appreciate all those deliveries to the set. They don't approve, period, and have requested that she never be asked back. How long 'til she loses it again? One good brawl with Sam and she'll be off - and who will catch her this time?