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My, What Big Pupils You Have, Mischa! You Simply Must Tell Us How You Still Get Everything For Free 16.Jul.2007

Like big black saucersAnd by everything, of course I mean all those designer clothes. Sniff sniff. What did you think I meant? And why are you staring at me like that? I'm not holding.

Readers of PrettyBoring by now are well aware of my strong aversion to all things Mischa - I think she's just a carpetbagger and so undeserving of the fame she continues to cling desperately to.

This shot is from a recent Hugo Boss show. From the look of things, I'd venture to say Mischa didn't learn much from her last trip to the emergency room after freaking out at Nicole Richie's party. Girlfriend still looks pretty stoked. Ah, well, not everybody can be like Lindsay and party without the powder (hey, at least today she did).

For those of you who think it's possible to go on partying forever without paying the piper, allow me to remind you what Mischa looks like the day after.Mischa Before Photoshop